Facts & Info

MENU:  Our chef has prepared a special selection of exceptional fare in the form of group menus based on our unique new American cuisine. The menus have been presented to you for ease of selection, and the price includes salad and sides.  Beverages and desserts are additional.  Prices do not include the required sales tax and mandatory service charge for large parties. Menu prices and availability are subject to seasonal changes.

Selection - To ensure the success of your event, menu selection must be confirmed seven (7) days prior to the event.

Guest Count – Final Guest count is due no later than 72 hours prior to the event date.

Special Menu items – We offer gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, and dairy free menu items for those with special diets.

ROOM MINIMUMS:  The Blue Prynt Restaurant & Bar prefers not to charge for its banquet rooms. Instead we have established food and beverage purchase minimums for each of our rooms. These amounts differ by room, time, day of week, and season of the event.  If the minimums are not met, a room charge will be added to the final bill to meet the agreed upon minimum.  Taxes and service charge do not count toward the food and beverage minimum.  All minimums require no less than a 70/30 ratio of pre-ordered food to alcoholic beverages (drink tickets).

DEPOSIT:  To secure an event at the Blue Prynt Restaurant & Bar a deposit is required.  Credit cards will be charged for the deposit amount unless other arrangements have been made.  The deposit is the first confirmation that your date, time and room has been secured.  Deposits are fully refundable up to 14 days prior to the event (extenuating circumstances will be considered inside of 14 day window if necessary).

CONFIRMATION AND GUARANTEE:  Blue Prynt Restaurant & Bar considers the event both confirmed and guaranteed upon receipt of the deposit and return of a signed BEO (Banquet Event Order) detailing the elements of the event.

CANCELLATION:  Guests may cancel their reservation / event by written notice to the Banquet Coordinator at any time. Cancellations made within 14 days of the event will forfeit their deposit in lieu of the lost opportunity cost and planning efforts to date (we cannot resell the event date and time within that short period). 

BEVERAGE SERVICE:  The Blue Prynt Restaurant & Bar offers a wide selection of non-alcoholic beverages, premium wines, beer and cocktails. Non-alcoholic beverages are available without limit with the Banquet Menu for $2.00 per guest. All other beverages are purchased on a per drink basis or per bottle opened. Drink tickets are available for Banquet event purchase. These are pre-ordered for the purpose of minimum qualification or host sponsorship of alcoholic beverages. Drink tickets can be ordered for $5 each (regular) or $8.50 each (premium). Each regular ticket is redeemable for a domestic beer, house wine or well drink. Each premium ticket is redeemable for a craft or import beer, premium or reserve wine, or top shelf spirits (ex. Maker’s mark, Grey Goose, etc.) Bar Minimum – If there is a dedicated bartender for the event and the bar bill totals less than $350, a $100 set up fee will be added to the bill.

Blue Prynt Restaurant & Bar offers an extensive and exciting list of California and International wines available for your event. If you choose to bring your own wine, the corkage fee is $10 per 750ml bottle.

DECORATIONS:   You may hang items on the walls so long as it does not leave a permanent mark (approved adhesives only).  Items may not be hung from the exposed beams or chandeliers.  We do not allow open flame candles, but LED candles are fine.  Pre-event decorating time (up to one hour) must be planned and arranged in advance with the Banquet Coordinator.

AUDIO-VISUAL:  The Blue Prynt Banquet Services offers use of projection screens, sound system, wireless microphones and an LED Projector (if required) for a flat rental fee of $50. A DJ Booth is available in the Blue Prynt Banquet Room.  Event DJs are required to use their own equipment at the event.  Other audio-visual support is available including conference calling, special lighting, photo booth, etc., through third party vendors.

PARKING:  Blue Prynt Restaurant & Bar has dedicated parking spaces, and full use of the Sutter House Best Western parking garage adjacent to our property for event parking.

LOST AND FOUND:  Blue Prynt Restaurant & Bar is not responsible for damage or loss of any items, merchandise or articles stored or left on the premises prior to, during or following the event.

PAYMENT AND GRATUITY:  All hosted events will be detailed by item and tabulated on one invoice and presented to you for your verification, signature and payment at the end of the event. The final invoice will reflect the deposit, minimum qualification or charge, total food and beverage, any add-on services, 8.5% sales tax and a 20% (mandatory) service charge for large parties. Payment is due in full on the day of the event.