Blue Prynt is a place where Quality Food and upscale Downtown Sacramento dining come together with a Casual atmosphere and friendly local service for a unique Downtown restaurant dining experience. The Blue Prynt restaurant food is as approachable as it is refined. We put together quality ingredients with the idea that a night out in Downtown Sacramento shouldn’t only be reserved for special occasions. We’re a local Downtown Sacramento restaurant and bar that thanks you for your patronage by serving quality ingredients at reasonable prices with a humble local Sacramento attitude.

The restaurant was established as a way to fill a void in the Downtown Sacramento dining scene. It is a restaurant that doesn’t wish it was from San Francisco or New York, but embraces Sacramento and their local communities.  As classy as the best martini cocktail bar but as casual as a blackened pork sandwich.

As the next step in his cullinary career, local Downtown Sacramento chef, Jason Lockard creates a rotating menu of seasonal local favorites with bold modern american flavors with a subtle rustic character. Poised with a team of local pioneering individuals and a creative spin on traditional dishes, Blue Prynt-Sacramento is looking forward to building a solid name for itself on the local dining scene.

Though initially inspired by the civil engineering career of an investor, Blue Prynt is more of an idea than a name or a logo. Borrowing from the architectural concepts of a strong foundation, clean lines, and structured design – Blue Prynt-Sacramento translates these elements into it’s satisfying, rustic cuisine and smooth innovative martinis.

Blue Prynt Restaurant & Bar is Downtown Sacramento’s unique, best bar & restaurant, offering excellent and memorable dining experiences to the residents and visitors of the Downtown Sacramento area. 

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